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Ground anchor

RoddiameterPlatediameterLengthPlatethickness Surface 10-22mm4"-8"30"-80"4mm/5mm/6mmHotdippedgalvanized,orpowdercoatedorDIPpaintedEarthanchorscanbeeasilyscrewedintotheground.Theaugerisverysharpsothatit


Garden Tools


Ground anchor




Rod diameter Plate diameter Length Plate thickness  Surface 
10-22mm 4"-8" 30"-80" 4mm/5mm/6mm Hot dipped galvanized,or powder coated or DIP painted
Earth anchors can be easily screwed into the ground. The auger is very sharp so that it will turn easily into or out of the ground. Screw it in so that it is in the ground in line with the line of pull. Guy rope, wire or cable is easily attached to the anchor eye.