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Talking about How to Improve Employee Loyalty

Talking about How to Improve Employee Loyalty

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What is employee loyalty? What factors affect employee loyalty? How to improve and manage employee loyalty?
What is employee loyalty? What factors affect employee loyalty? How to improve and manage employee loyalty?
  The loyalty of the employees refers to the behavioral orientation and psychological attribution of the employees, that is, the degree of dedication of the employees to the enterprises they serve
  There are some factors that affect employee loyalty, you can compare your own business situation:
1. Income.
  The world is bustling, all for the benefit of the world, the world is awkward, all for the benefit. Wang Shi also said that talent is a rational river. Talents will vote with their feet. Where can they reflect their value, where they will go, and how the value will be reflected. For the average person, high income is a valuable expression.
2. Business prospects.
  We often say: the treatment of people, the feelings of people, the cause of people. This business is reserved, and this is roughly the case. Enterprises have prospects and developments. Maybe they will be listed one day. Old employees can also be shareholders. Enterprises have rapid development and opportunities for natural improvement. Employees are more willing to do so.
3. Learn to grow opportunities.
  Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer iron rice bowls. In order to form and maintain the competitiveness of the workplace, every professional person must be constantly growing. Which company can provide systematic and perfect training, naturally it can add points to attract and retain talents.
4. Corporate atmosphere.
  There are many reasons for the formation of the corporate atmosphere. Different atmospheres are different for employees. It also affects the retention of employees. People often say that Taiwan-funded enterprises are more arrogant in terms of seniority, and Taiwanese do more management positions, pay attention to execution, pay attention to obedience. American-funded enterprises are open-minded and more in line with the taste of individuality.
5. Level of management and leadership.
  People say that when joining, because of the company, when leaving because of leadership. If we are fortunate enough to join an admired company, but unfortunately encounter a bad boss, it is also very sad, in most cases, many people will be patient, but ultimately chose to leave.
How to improve and manage employee loyalty?
  We analyzed the reasons that affect employee loyalty, and can analyze the departments and positions with high turnover rate to find out the reasons and improve the rectification.